Pure Health Discounts Hydrogen Peroxide with 1 oz Bottle Dropper – 1 Gallon


About the Product
  • Certified 35% FOOD GRADE Hydrogen Peroxide w/ free dropper bottle.
  • From a legitimate major health supply company you can trust since 1983.
  • Larger quantities cost MUCH less per ounce! See ALL our Amazon h2o2 listings.
  • Shipped fast. Look over our listings with The Power of Hydrogen Peroxide book.

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Size:1 Gallon

This Peroxide is Certified 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. This peroxide is made only using the strictest standards following the chemical codex. Food grade hydrogen peroxide never contains any stabilizers. SIZE UP on drop-down menu for even MORE savings! Pure Health Discounts makes their peroxide in a sterile environment. Our peroxide is certified 35% percent food grade hydrogen peroxide. Comes with convenient dropper bottle. Check out all our Amazon listings plus our combination packages with 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. We have a very large selection for you – all at very deep discounted prices.


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